About Me

The best way I know how to tell you about me is through the introductory poem in my upcoming book called Pieces of Art.

Pieces of Art

I’m a writer
a poet
and an artist of the soul

Using my talent to help you feel whole

Inspiring people to value themselves
to love and respect and believe in oneself

To learn of the essence your spirit is made
and help it to thrive instead of to fade

To show how you’re guided by those up above
who want you to always remember the love

Uplifting you during your times of dismay
by knowing that sometimes it helps if you pray

And if you have dreams that you want to fulfill
I may have some words that will strengthen your will

Regardless of what I’m inspired to write
There’s always one goal that I have in sight

 to touch you
and move you
with words from my heart

Written and shared through my pieces of art


Some personal details about me…


I have two kids and two grand kids. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I love music, healthy eating, bike riding, nature and moving people through my creative endeavors. (not necessarily in that order)

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Much love,



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